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10 March 2023
Dear Kent Residents

We have received many reports of scams targeting Kent residents this week. Knowing what scams, doorstep criminals or unsafe goods are on the market can help keep you safe.

Make sure you tell friends, relatives and neighbours. The more informed we become the less vulnerable we are to these criminals. Stay safe!

Kind regards

Victim Safeguarding Officer


Cybersecurity company NordVPN has warned fans of Eurovision to be aware of scammers that could be trying to take advantage of those looking to secure tickets.

With high demand, criminals will be looking to target fans with fraudulent websites or fake tickets.

As all tickets sold out in the first hour this will only increase the scams.

Resale tickets can only be bought on Ticketmaster website so beware of copycat websites and always check you are on the genuine site.

Be very cautious about any ticket being sold by a third party and always research the seller and check reviews.

Report and get advice from Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133.


As part of the Helping Hands Programme of projects we have been working hard to deliver support to those that have been impacted as a result of the cost of living crisis using the Household Support Fund to deliver a professional voucher referral and public facing scheme to support residents of Kent with a voucher of £100 that can be redeemed against their home energy costs.

To apply residents will need to meet the eligibility criteria and complete the application form online.


We have received reports of elderly Kent residents being targeted by scam callers trying to sell them home insulation. Never agree to work from cold callers, it will be unnecessary, poor quality and very expensive. If you need work on your home and garden use Trading Standards Checked 

To report telephone scams or for advice contact Citizens Advice 0808 223 1133.

Cost of Living Advice & Information

How To Avoid Holiday Scams

Holiday scammers something to be aware of when planning a trip within the UK and abroad. In this video, Sean Tipton (ABTA) and Wendy Mae (Kent Trading Standards) discuss the most common types of scams, how to avoid them, and what to do if you become a victim.
If you have information on doorstep criminals, counterfeit, fake or illegal goods, illicit tobacco, loan sharks or those selling restricted items to underage kids, call the charity Crimestoppers 100% anonymously on 0800 555 111 
To report scams and get advice on consumer issues call Citizen’s Advice consumer helpline on
0808 223 1133.


Trading Standards Checked carries out checks on traders so customers can have peace of mind when choosing a tradesperson to do work in their home.

Please help to keep your family and community safe. If you need work done in your home or garden, visit the website to find a safe local tradesperson.

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