Latest Scam Alerts This Week – 7th October 2022

Latest Scam Alerts This Week

Dear Kent Residents,

As the number of scams continues to increase, this is our regular round-up of the latest scams reported by Kent residents. Anyone can be a victim of a scam. It is important to stay alert and follow our guidance. 

⛔ Reputable traders and contractors do not cold-call for business and they will NEVER ask you to go to the bank or cash point.
⛔ If you receive a scam phone call, hang up and don’t return their calls. NEVER disclose any personal information such as bank details, no matter who the person claims to be.

❗ Cold Callers Active in Wye ❗

A resident living in the Little Chequers area of Wye was targeted by cold callers, claiming to be from a roofing company. They offered to pressure wash the drive and quoted £600 for a card payment and £400 cash. Once the work was complete, the fraudsters told the resident the price did not include tax and the total amount is £628 cash only.

⛔ Always say NO to cold callers.

If you need work done on your home or garden, use safe traders from Trading Standards Checked or call Ask a Kent Librarian on 03000 41 64 38 (9am to 6pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays).

Report cold callers to Kent Police on 101 or call 999 if they are aggressive and refuse to leave. You can get free advice from Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133.

More residents are being targeted by the Energy Bills Support scheme, with fraudsters claiming you can receive discounted energy bill by applying on a fake website.

Beware as these websites are designed to steal your personal and financial details.

The government will give every household in Great Britain £400 towards their electricity bill. This money will be applied to your bill automatically – you do not need to do anything.

Kent residents have received suspicious, unsolicited telephone calls about safety concerns or offering to improve loft insulation.

The cold callers have claimed to use a grant scheme or they are associated with a ‘green deal’. Criminals may use the Cost of Living Crisis to target residents who are worried about prices.

ACTION FRAUD: 0300 123 2040
CITIZENS ADVICE: 0808 223 1133
Struggling financially or worried about the Cost of Living Crisis?

Residents who need money fast may consider borrowing from loan sharks as a quick fix. With Christmas around the corner and prices increasing, families may be pushed more into financial struggle. Illegal money lenders will be actively looking for their next victim, using social media to lure residents into borrowing money.

Unfortunately this can lead to high rates of interest or significant threats if the borrower does not pay.  If you have been affected by loan sharks or have concern about someone you know, get confidential advice from Stop Loan Sharks 24 Hour Helpline on 0300 555 2222.

Trading Standards Checked carries out checks on traders so customers can have peace of mind when choosing a tradesperson to do work in their home.

Please help to keep your family and community safe. If you need work done in your home or garden, visit the website to find a safe local tradesperson.

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