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02 December 2022
Dear Kent Residents

The Cost Of Living crisis is making everyone anxious and that can make us more vulnerable to scams or doorstep crime. Being aware of the scams that are circulating can help keep you safe. Make sure you share that knowledge with friends, family and neighbours. Think about printing these emails and displaying in community areas.

The more informed we become the less vulnerable we are to these criminals

Kind regards

Victim Safeguarding Officer

Last week we issued an alert about charity cold callers in East Farleigh. The Heart of Kent Hospice has confirmed that these were actually their Fundraising Canvassers and the resident was misinformed when they enquired about cold callers. Heart of Kent has informed us that the fundraisers will be operating in the area that the hospice covers. For further information you can visit

Our advice remains that you should not open your door to cold callers and please continue to report any suspicious cold callers in your area to CrimeStoppers (see details below)

Urgent Safety Alert issued by Office for Product Safety and Standards

Baby self-feeding pillow products are designed to be attached to a bottle so that the baby may be positioned on its back to self-feed without the assistance of a caregiver holding the bottle and controlling the feed.

This is inconsistent with NHS guidance in relation to safe bottle feeding. When used as intended, even whilst under the supervision of a caregiver, it could lead to immediate, serious harm or death from choking or aspiration pneumonia.

Businesses selling these products must immediately remove them from the market as they cannot comply with the safety requirements under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005.

Please report if you see any of these products being sold to Citizens Advice consumer helpline 0808 223 1133

Kent residents are being targeted by an Aldi Voucher Scam, claiming you can get a £200 voucher to shop.

This is a SCAM. These messages are designed to steal your personal data – there is no voucher.

Report and get free scams advice from Citizens Advice on 0808 223 1133. Please report all scams you see and warn friends & family.

A resident in Kent was targeted by a dog rescue charity scam based in Romania, paying £450 for the dog. However, the resident never got their new pet.

Watch out. Report scams and get advice from Citizens Advice on 0808 223 1133.

Dogs Trust receive 30,000 calls a year from people wanting to give up their animals. Adopting pets abroad can be challenging and they could have hidden diseases. Consider using a UK rescue organisation first.

If you have information on doorstep criminals, counterfeit, fake or illegal goods, illicit tobacco, loan sharks or those selling restricted items to underage kids, call the charity Crimestoppers 100% anonymously on 0800 555 111 
To report scams and get advice on consumer issues call Citizen’s Advice consumer helpline on
0808 223 1133.


Trading Standards Checked carries out checks on traders so customers can have peace of mind when choosing a tradesperson to do work in their home.

Please help to keep your family and community safe. If you need work done in your home or garden, visit the website to find a safe local tradesperson.

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